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Carnal Publishers and Bree Sanders-Summers reserve all rights to ADAM’S DRAWERS. Please obtain permission before copying any part of this ebook. Resemblances to any person, living or dead, are coincidental. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

©Bree Sanders, 2011

Smashwords Edition

They must be here somewhere,” said Ivy as she impatiently tossed aside their brother’s socks.

Eva nibbled on her lip. “I don’t know, Ivy. After you ‘borrowed’ his motorcycle last time and dented it, he said you’d never find the keys again.”

Adam won’t let us drive his car, and he won’t let us take his motorcycle. How are we supposed to get to the mall?”

I guess that’s why he gave us bus passes,” said Eva drily.

Ivy stopped her snooping to shoot a glare at her. “I’m too fucking gorgeous to ride a bus.”

We’re identical twins, and I take the bus all the time.”

Ivy flicked a dismissive glance over her plain shorts and shirts that left Eva squirming with embarrassment. “In theory, you’re too hot to ride the bus too, sis. You just need to make more of an effort to show it.” She returned to searching Adam’s drawers for the keys. After a moment, she said, “Whoa, what’s this?”

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