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Don't Clean The Aquarium!

The Shabbie People

The Big Ol' Clown Lady

The Hive

Radio Glossolalia


Tiny Islands

Horizon Line

Author's Introduction

I spent most of the eighties working as an animator, fathering two adorable children, and in general just trying not to be such a teenager as I entered my thirties. During this time, I was an extremely failed science-fiction writer, in that I was a prolific short story writer who read widely in the field but never sold anything and really considered it a victory just to get a personal rejection from any editor who went so far as to read the story. Truth is, I was not very good. From the years 1980 to 1986, I went from weak Michael Bishop-like pastiches to weak Lucius Shepard pastiches with occasional clueless diversions into cyberpunk (which felt kind of funny in that I didn’t even own a computer yet).

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