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Cupcakes and Elephants

Jamie Turner

Copyright 2010 Jamie Turner

Smashwords Edition

Cupcakes and Elephants

It was 11 o’clock on the dot and time for my mid morning tea. Newspaper in hand, I was headed toward my usual park bench when the sole extraction hit me.

“…cupcakes and elephants…” One passing gentleman said to another.

What kind of conversation?

A cupcake… and an elephant…What one earth could they have been talking about?

I arrived at the park bench and sat down, still mystified.

Why, cupcakes are about butter frosting and sprinkles, bakeries, and bridal showers. Elephants are long trunks and memories, circus tents and Africa. One had four legs, while the other tucked itself inside a pleated liner.

Incomparable! There simply was nothing that….

A cartoon perhaps? A fairytale? Colouring book? Comic strip? Pair of flannel pajamas???

Frustrated, I grabbed the unopened newspaper and my tepid tea. I got up and started to walk, my brain still in a muddle at the obtrusive riddle.

Then I stopped. Ah… the perfect revenge. I waited… spotted my victim - a young boy about twelve.

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