This book is dedicated to all the hardworking children and adults throughout the world that care about the oceans of the earth and are helping to keep it clean and healthy. I hope you enjoy this book and all of the other poetry books I have written. You can contact me at my website, If you or an organization that you know of would like me to produce a similar book to raise money for a charity or school, please feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

Commotion In The Ocean

Copyright December 2010 by Melissa Kesead and Melissa Kesead Publishing. No poetry in this book can be copied or used in any manner without the authors written consent. Smashwords Edition.

Snorkeling Discoveries

Floating on the ocean blue

With my snorkel in the air

Reveling in all that’s new

Right beneath me way down there

I take a breath and dive deep

My bubbles float above me

Near barracuda I creep

They are much bigger than me

Back to the surface I swim

To take in some more fresh air

Then back below on a whim

Trying so hard not to scare

Looking close I spot an eel

Bright green with a gaping mouth

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