Copyright 2014 Erik Harssan

Smashwords Edition

A front of tall clouds sailed in from the north. It lay wide as the sky and drove warm airs away with strong, cold winds, ending the long summer’s day in wintry dusk. As the last strip of clear sky closed in the south, the rain arrived. Misty veils dragged over the near ridges, and shadows filled distant ravines and valleys for the coming night. Light drizzles swept in first, then built to drenching gusts that bore down on the simple camp in the foothills.

Four tents stood pegged and tethered to the windswept turf, where the grassy foothills met the heathered mountains. A brow of low crags warded off the worst gusts, and the sturdy tents held their ground, even as the storm yanked vigorously at their cords and smacked untied flaps around with vicious slaps.

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