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Frank MacDonald


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ISBN 978-0-615-47721-3

Chapter 1

I should never have signed on the Electra. Every now and then you get that little twinge inside that tells you you're not making the best possible choice, but with persistent rationalization you coerce yourself into ignoring it. Later, you promise yourself you'll never ignore it again. The human mind is probably more dishonest with itself than anyone else, and the older we get, the more devious it becomes.

If I had waited on Earth longer I probably could have pulled Bridge officer on something small. That's what I should have done. It still would have been interstellar, mind you; no monotonous yo-yos going intersystem. The worn out crates they use for that are so over-programmed a chimp could sit in the center seat. Two big buttons: Send/Return. Human fax.

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