Protection Series:

#8 ~ Communicating the Tenderness of Protection

(Each novel in this series does stand-alone, but they also relate to each other.)

By Andie Renee

Copyright 2015 Andie Renee

Smashwords Edition

In regards to my Protection Series:

I have more than surpassed the required waiting years, in regards to writing, which I had agreed upon at the time of my resignation from the United States Secret Service. I have not divulged any top secret, classified, or sensitive information regarding the government, nor any government agency, nor have my books revealed any specific names. They are not meant to disrespect any particular person, agency, or representatives. They are fictional characters involved in fictional and imaginary, life-changing events. I am hoping that you enjoy the unique family bond that this agency actually has amongst its agents. This set of books may be really different from what you normally read, but I am hoping that you can enjoy the uniqueness and interesting situations that they all find themselves in and how Jesus heals their ways and works in each of their lives.

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