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A Shrewdness of Apes

A Short Story

By Garry Grierson

Copyright 2011 Garry Grierson

Smashwords Edition

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I’m different. I’m not like the others. Their lives revolve round instinct. If they’re hungry, they eat. If there’s danger, they run. If there’s a squabble, they fight. Sometimes I feel sorry for them. They only have an awareness of the basic things, to eat, sleep, flee, and reproduce; and they do it without imagination, understanding, or curiosity. They can never stop to appreciate the simple joy of watching the sunrise. No thoughts beyond finding the next meal or safe place to sleep concern them.

They’ve already eaten and drank today, and there’s no immediate danger, so they laze around, sleeping and grooming themselves. Doing the same things as they’ve always done, and they like it. Sometimes I envy them.

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