Texas Backyard BBQ

Celeste Wilson

Smashwords Edition: 13 April 2011

Copyright 2011 by Celeste Wilson

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Everyone loves a BBQ! And why is that? Is it the Scent of grilled or smoked meat in the air? The many yummy varieties of food cooked throughout the day? Socializing with family and friends in a relaxing atmosphere? Spending the afternoon soaking up the rays in the back yard? Going to the beach or the lake and setting up a BBQ on the riverbank or beachfront? Whatever your favorite thing is about a BBQ, we can all agree on one thing, that we love them!

The beauty about a BBQ is that you can cook nearly anything you desire. Whatever your taste buds crave. Whether you are the king of the carnivore kingdom or a veggie lover, no one will be going home hungry.

The recipes I have put together are all the things you would find at a Texas BBQ restaurant, with some extras that just can’t be left out. I have also included many favorites that you would find at most backyard BBQs. Grilling is the easiest and tastiest way to cook both meat and vegetables. With good food come good friends. I hope you enjoy the recipes and have a super wonderful time grilling!

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