Before the Storm

The Prologue from The Storm of Northreach, Book Two of the Northreach Saga

Alan Edwards

Copyright 2011 Alan Edwards

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Author’s Note: this prologue from the forthcoming The Storm of Northreach looks back at some of the events in The Curse of Troius from the perspective of one of its witnesses. It does reveal some particular plot points from Curse, so bear that in mind. It shouldn’t wreck any enjoyment you might get from it, however.


The tree branch digging into his buttocks was uncomfortable, but Ajen was barely conscious of that at the moment. He had planned to give Alys a little scare when she arrived for their tryst on Dane’s Knoll by climbing up the massive silver-barked tree that rose from it. When she arrived, he was going to let her mill about the trunk for a time, let her build up a good bit of worry, then leap down and surprise her. He’d anticipated getting a good slap out of it, but she’d be grateful for arms to wrap around her and make her feelings of fright go away.

The small hill and large tree gave an excellent view of the town around it, and Ajen kept his eyes roving over the shadows between the buildings, waiting for his betrothed to slip out from them. He was hoping that scaring her would loosen some of her defenses, so that he might get a sample of the charms that awaited him after their marriage. The hints and insinuations that had always served him well on his trips to Brethford had never gotten him anywhere with his bride-to-be, and his impatience was beginning to win out over the enticing mystery and anticipation.

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