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Electromagnetic Interference Filtering Reduces Errors in Precision Analog Applications

An often-overlooked problem in equipment using strain gages, transducer interfaces, and current monitors in medical, automotive, and industrial applications is high-frequency interference from external signals. This electromagnetic interference (EMI) can cause large dc offsets in precision analog circuitry through asymmetrical rectification of the RF signal in the input stages of an amplifier.

HDMI Transceivers Simplify the Design of Home Theater Systems

As large-screen HDTVs have achieved widespread acceptance, consumers are expanding their home theater systems to include sound bars and AVRs, enhancing the user experience with superb audio to complement the video performance. Home theater systems can now offer all the latest features of the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI®)—seamlessly integrated within the equipment.

Minimizing Noise and Power Consumption in Automotive Audio Systems with SigmaDSP

Digital signal processors bring the benefits of home theater to cars, supplanting radio/CD players with multimedia systems, where DSPs enable excellent audio performance and flexibility—and a powerful multimedia experience for passengers. A new approach to minimizing system noise and power consumption uses the SigmaDSP® processor and the SigmaStudio™ graphical development tool.

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