Retired Chief Petty Officer Tom Jones was murdered in his apartment complex in Orlando in what appeared to be a “drug deal gone bad.” The police won’t even do an autopsy on a dead drug dealer. Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Joe Traynor is asked by Tom’s daughter to look into his death. His investigation ultimately leads to the largest meth case on the southeastern seaboard. In the meantime, the Russian Mafia, unhappy with being ripped off by Julie Chapman’s father, seek revenge. Her father’s death, once again, comes back to haunt her and her grandmother, Tillie, placing their lives--and Joe’s--in danger.


In Can’t Sing or Dance by Daniel J. Barrett, Joe Traynor is back, this time trying to solve the murder of a friend and fellow Coastie, who the cops say is a drug dealer. Joe refuses to believe that his old mentor in the Coast Guard is a drug dealer and he is determined to clear the man’s name. His investigation, however, uncovers something much more sinister than just “drug deal gone bad,” and puts Joe’s life, and those of his friends’ in danger. Can’t Sing or Dance is a good sequel to the first one in the series, Conch Town Girl. The author seems to be coming into his own, and his writing is much improved. The pace is much faster than in the first book. This book is a page turner and should hold your interest from beginning to end. ~ Taylor Jones, Reviewer

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