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Surviving Islamerica under ISILkwhan

a Novel by Guy Humphries


What if terriorist ISIS=ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, Da’-ish in Arabic teamed with Ikwhan, the Muslim Brotherhood of America to form ISIkwhan. ISIL’s leaders and soldiers are of multiple ages and ethnicities including members of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein’s Baathist’s, conquers America converting its laws to Sharia? How could that be accomplished?

Remembering beheadings of Christians by ISSL, how could America survive? Those intriguing questions are explored by Guy Humphries in “Surviving Islamerica under ISIkwhan.” This prophetic novel uses the stories of fictitious characters similar to way the “Left Behind” series does to present the very real scenario of Surviving Islamerica ruled by the ISILkwhan takeover of America and its effect on a family in Arkansas.

Live with that family as you read this book to understand how their emotions and daily lives are entirely disrupted while Surviving ISILamerica under ISILkwhan. How do they have food when all commerce has been taken over by America’s Islamic leaders? How will they survive?

Dr. Warren Watkins

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