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By Guy Humphries


1 - JERRY DIES A MARTYR Mini-Preface - Jerry Wilson, the eldest son of Wilma Jones Wilson, is executed by IKHWAN, the Muslim Brotherhood that captured America, after intense interrogation about the whereabouts of his family.

2 - FAMILY ESTRANGED BY PAWPAW JONES’ PROPHESIES Mini-preface - Family members assess PawPaw John Jones’ ranting about his fear of approaching jihad by terrorists.

3 - PREFACE - “Deceased: The Republic of America.”

4 - PRELUDE TO CAPITULATION Mini-Preface - America’s leaders were dispirited by the collapse of capitalism resulting in a debt of $15,000,000,000,000 (15 trillion$) and the ascension of socialism . The government took ownership control of the world’s leading banks and manufacturers.

The Chinese, Japanese and OPEC refused to fund new debt followed by refusal to renew old debt. The result? Rampant inflation as the Federal Reserve Bank “created” new money.

After the Muslim Brotherhood patiently executed decades long “cultural jihad,” Amerislam embraced a “new order,” Sharia law.

5 - WICHCH, KS DECIMATED - NEW YORK IS NEXT Mini-Preface - Under the threat of a third bomb in D. C., the government capitulates when the second “Dirty” bomb is detonated on Wall Street.

6 - SUPREME LEADER SPEAKS Mini-Preface - The ultimate power lays-down-the-Sharia-law.

7 - MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD RULES Mini-Preface - As preplanned, new government, financial, communication, media and worship systems were monitored by chips implanted in the foreheads of every citizen

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