His dad had bought him a new game a few months ago. Brady couldn’t believe it when his father pulled the package out from behind his back and showed him. Grand Theft Auto V was all everyone talked about around the corridors of school. It was R rated for one and had been banned for sale in Australia by two department stores. Of course, that instantly made it the most desirable PlayStation game in the modern world. There wasn’t a kid at school who didn’t want it. Only a handful had played it.

Thanks to his dad, Brady was now among the elite. His mom would have been appalled if she knew about it. His dad wasn’t stupid. It was the reason he’d snuck it upstairs without her knowledge. He’d given it to Brady and had then sworn him to secrecy. They both knew what would happen if his mom found out.

Sometimes, Brady wished his dad still lived with them. He could be really cool. Like when he’d brought him the game. And sometimes he missed having him there at night, like when he woke up and thought he heard strange noises in the dark.

But there were plenty of things he didn’t miss: like the fighting and arguments between his parents and the days of cold silence when they wouldn’t speak to each other and it was like he was living sealed off from the world in a suffocating cocoon with no one to talk to.

Brady’s mom disapproved of him spending so much time on his PlayStation 4. She’d go ballistic if she knew about GTA V. He hadn’t been allowed to have any of the GTA games. His mom didn’t think they were appropriate for an eleven-year-old – or any kid, for that matter.

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