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A Slight Scar

Joe Brewster

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Joe Brewster

Revised 2014

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Kaitlin loved her job. She cultivated a bright personality and tried her best to make the office environment a positive place to work. She greeted each new-hire with a smile and made them feel at home. Kaitlin’s cheerful treatment included temporary workers as well.

The morning Elana arrived from the temp agency Kaitlin went into cheerleader mode.

"You'll love working for Ingrid," Kaitlin said. "She's the ultimate female and the ultimate boss."

"Sounds great," said Elana. "What is it that makes her so 'ultimate'?"

"She's fair, for one thing,” Kaitlain said. “She doesn't play favorites or put up with petty squabbles. She plays office politics with other management types when she’s forced to, but never with us—her staff. We’re her people. She treats us with respect.

“Ingrid clearly tells us what she wants then she leaves us alone to get it done. Not like the rest of these micro-managers. Her leadership skills keep our department as stress-free as possible.”

“I like the sound of that,” Elana said.

"She's awesome,” Kaitlin gushed. “She dresses elegant as hell and sexy, too – if you ask me. She’s heavy into fashion. She discovers all the current trends. She'll take a weekend and go off with a friend, or female business colleague, and go shopping in New York, Miami, Chicago, or L.A. It’s like serious downtime. To relax while bonding over high-end fashions.

"Ingrid talks about a shopping trip like it’s a big-game fashion safari. You know how in most offices the things women talk about are not taken seriously? Guys can talk about sports all day long like it's a big freaking deal but if women talk about fashion or about some great bargain we got the men treat us like we’re being silly or something? Like our recreational shopping is inferior to their recreational sports?"

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