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The tiger placed his hands behind his head and resumed his stargazing. "You mean right after you wake up in the morning? That may be traumatic for me to think of you just waking up."

Donnie suddenly punched Jakob on the arm, his fist striking the toned triceps. "You jerk. You've been waking up next to me for two years now and you survived with your sanity pretty much intact."

Jakob rubbed his arm as if it hurt from the blow, chuckling. "Hey, no punches on the arm. I'm fragile." He gave Donnie a pout, ears folded back with his lower lip pooching out.

"Like I could ever hurt anyone built like you, you big liar." Donnie was close to five feet, seven inches. Jakob was close to seven feet in height. They were a mismatched couple to anyone who didn't know them. He laid back down on the grass to join Jakob in watching the stars twinkle above them.

Jakob, however, was focused on Donnie. "You did hurt me! When did you learn to be so abusive?"

"I guess living with you just made me meaner over the years," Donnie said before suddenly getting pinned by Jakob, who rolled over on top of him. All incoming protests were suddenly cut off as the tiger kissed the canine.

"You're so mean and abusive," Jakob said after pulling his muzzle away from Donnie's, grinning down at him and running his fingers through the unruly mop of the canine's dirty blond head fur. "I dunno if I'm ever going to survive training now because of it."

"Well, if you don't, I'll be sure to give you plenty of tender, loving care." Donnie said, taking Jakob's hand and rubbing it with his cheek. "Promise me you'll come back."

Jakob took Donnie's hand with his other one, then kissed each knuckle. "I promise."

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