Church Connection Cards, Special Edition
connect with visitors, grow your church, pastor your people, little cards, big results

By Yvon Prehn

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Copyright 2011 Yvon Prehn

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Chapter One: Introduction: though often overlooked, these little cards can accomplish great things

In church communications, we are often like Elijah when he waited on the mountain to meet with God. We expect him to act through the thunder and storm similar to the flashy multimedia popular today. Though God often uses the great, impressive tools of multimedia we have, he also uses tools that are similar to how he ultimately spoke to Elijah—through a still small voice.

The place of connection cards in your church communication ministry is similar. They may appear tiny and unimportant in the great scheme of multimedia church communications available, but if you don't use them correctly, your church will probably not connect with visitors, grow, or meet the pastoral needs of your members as effectively as it will if you make the most of connection cards.

You can reach out, but if people don't reach back you haven't connected

For example, it is a few weeks from Easter as I write this and in my webinars, and on my website, I've suggested all sorts of communications in print and online that churches can create to connect with visitors to tell them about the church and to invite and encourage them to return. But helpful as they are, they fall short in one area. Their shortcoming is that all of them require the person to come back to you.

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