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World View ---Weltanschauung

We live in a world very different from the one our grandparents knew. The changes we observed within one hundred years are amazing. A number of technological applications deriving from the successful scientific endeavors of our elders developed at very high costs, are to us so familiar that we forget that this is a unique aspect of the western civilization, but even more unique is its spirituality. The technological applications developed by the West have been adopted worldwide by foreign cultures which however failed to assimilate the most desirable aspect of the Western culture, of which technological innovations are only a subordinate aspect, which were acquired because of its exceptional spirituality. There exists a profound dichotomy between the means made available to all and the certitudes and values that should govern the use of these instruments by all.

In the Western world, massacres are now a thing of the past. Whereas World Wars I and II, and the Vietnam and Korea wars, cost about 40 million battle deaths, today a few men fallen in combat raise concern and protests. Our wars have moved from battlefields to stock exchange rooms and market places. This change in mentality is very recent and a large portion of the world population has remained immune to this civilizing trend and continues to view lethal weapons as indispensable to assert their manhood or survival.

No pants but an automatic rifle

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