Zarna’s Discovery

Smashwords Edition

By Timothy House

Copyright 2015 Bijou Media

Chapter One the beginning

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight the end

Chapter One

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in the year 2090 Zarna sat on her porch with her younger neighbor sipping tea. It was October 22 and four days before her seventy fifth birthday. She began to reminisce about her life. Monday she would be having life extending surgery. It was a complex surgery that nearly a third of patients died. For Zarna it was worth the risk. That next Thursday was her birthday and the surgery could make it like she was thirty again and give her fifty more years of life. It required cell regeneration and in some cases while trying to regenerate the heart cells, in many cases, the heart stopped. Zarna could be at the beginning of a second life or an the end of her life depending on what happens. It was a good life she thought and worth the risk. Whatever happened she had the memories of a full rich life.

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