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Texas Time

Annabelle and Me

News From Little Rock

The Duckotage


The Great Sperm Wars

Life Among The Sivilized

The Invasion of Texas



We needed a loan, a regular family loan. So I took a deep breath and entered the bank. A blast of air conditioning shot cold at my head.

The banker met me with a polite smile. He shook my hand and drew me in to an immaculate office.

From the top drawer of a polished desk, the banker pulled out a large silver gun. The barrel gleamed. He pointed the gun directly at my head. The dreaded application process.

I knew what to do. I pulled out my wallet and showed the banker how empty it was. Placed it on the desk. The banker waggled the gun at my chest.

I pulled the shirt off my back. Draped it beside the wallet on the desk. Crossed my arms against the air conditioned chill. The banker waggled the gun at my pants.

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