Here, images proceed on their own journey to some place off the map. Here, metaphor leaps and grabs at the wind. An occasion for drama, pyrotechnics and language that pops and starts, Welvaert’s road trip West makes us want to do as its young and desperate protagonists and take off our shoes “to feel the world again, to step on the jagged rock.”
— Richard Terrill, author of Coming Late to Rachmaninoff and Fakebook: Improvisations on a Journey Back to Jazz.

"The characters in Scott Welvaert’s poems travel west, from Minnesota to Oregon, on a quest to reach the ocean before they die. No matter what began it, their journey enters the larger parade of American journeys, where landscape offers itself as a stage for ceremonies of escape, disappearance, forgiveness, rebirth. While the future “keeps the car running outside,” Welvaert’s characters rush toward their fate even as they seem to evade it, in poems tender and elegiac, poems full of clear-eyed detail and music informed by compassion, gravity, and grace."
—Richard Robbins, author of The Untested Hand and Other Americas

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