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The Daddy / BabyGirl Dynamic of Love

With so many different kinds of relationships with different levels all ready, why don’t I add one more to that list? But it’s actually been there all along.

It’s one with a dynamic which takes the emotions felt and intensifies them. Soon, the simple gestures a Daddy makes towards his BabyGirl become so inviting of response she follows his escort of her heart helplessly. He begins as a part of her thoughts and world and ends up at the core of the obsessions which make up the impulses to define her.

With a lot of multi-layered satisfactions to be able to affect a soul in such a way. It truly is dynamic.

It’s called many things: age play, role play, ABDL, diaper play, infantilism, but the name I like the most and relate to with a desire that will never leave is “The Daddy’s Girl Fetish”. The dynamic is tailor-made for a girl who has a little side and a guy who want nothing more than to “care” for her.

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