Again, here was this same flying tortoise! It must have been the third time he'd seen it! Slow-paced as it was, it seemed to somehow always be ahead… Intrigued, Acoustic Funambulist adjusted his time signature to that of the animal, slowing down almost to a halt, which involved some intricate retro acrobatics that he executed with impressive accuracy.

"Excuse me" said the aerialist arriving to almost a stand still and fighting hard to keep his balance. "I think I've seen you before a number of times and no matter how fast I travel, you appear to always be ahead of me. How is this possible?" he asked.

"Well, I am racing" replied the tortoise calmly.

"Racing?!" exclaimed the funambulist. "I don't see any snails around" he remarked mockingly.

Unfazed, Zeno the tortoise kept its imperceptible yet relentless march forward, choosing to ignore the offensive sarcasm. This rather surprised the acrobat who was expecting more of a reaction. On reflection though, he could see how distasteful his outburst had been and thinking he might have brushed this turtle the wrong way, he decided to make amends.

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