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By G. Sagmiller

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English rules with examples about grammar for English, punctuation and capitalization provided

Grammar Rules & Punctuation and Capitalization Rules

38+ plus Pages of Information.

Some of the outstanding topics: Abbreviation, Adjective, Adverb, Archaic, Article, Capitalization, Colloquial, Comma Splice or Fused Sentence, Commonly Confused, Comparative/Superlative, Conjunction, Doubled Word or Punctuation, Double Negative, Ellipsis, End-of-Sentence Preposition, End-of-Sentence Punctuation, Formalisms, Homonym, Incomplete Sentence, Incorrect Verb Form, Infinitive, Long Sentence, Noun Phrase, Number Style, Object of Verb, Overstated, Paragraph Problem, Passive Voice, Preposition, Pronoun Case, Punctuation, APOSTROPHE, COLON, COMMA, SEMICOLON, Question Mark, Quotation Marks, Redundant, Relative Pronoun, Run-on Sentence, Second-Person Address, Sentence Variety, Sequence of Tenses, Similar Words , Split Infinitive, Split Words, Subject-Verb Agreement, SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT AND COMPOUND SUBJECTS, SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT AND INVERTED WORD ORDER, SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT AND LINKING VERBS, SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT AND PRONOUNS, Subordination, Tense Shift, Trademark, Unbalanced (), {}, [], or ", Vague Adverb , Clause, Identifying Parts of Speech, Relative Clause…..

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