Green Jean Humor:

Volumes 31-34


Andrew Bushard

Green Jean Humour

Volume 31

By Andrew Bushard

You may have heard about "Strippers For Jesus" on some of those older talk shows, but have you ever heard about Prostitutes for Jesus? They are new.

They are using the act of prostitution to spread the word of Jesus.

Beautiful women demand that their clients accept Jesus before they engage in intercourse. That why the orgasm can be a Jesus orgasm.

If you want sex with them, you must have accept Christ as your personal lord and savior. When you do so, you will have double the excitement.

Some of you may be critical of this unorthodox outreach method, but remember as the bible says "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

Announcing John Madden's all time greatest NFL player

Lou Trombone, Middle Linebacker for the St. Louis has the toughness John Madden loves. On Friday practice, he was paralyzed from the neck down. At the hospital, he did some recovering and he was on the field starting for the afternoon game on Sunday. Not only that, He did no bellyaching. I have heard more bellyaching from some players with paper cuts. You can't beat this type of toughness

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