Jamie Turner

Copyright 2011 Jamie Turner

Smashwords Edition


My boyfriend called me into the living room. I walked in to see a jungle of camping equipment and my boyfriend’s proud smile.

“Here’s all the stuff.” He gestured.

So, we’re really going to do this?” Nick loved camping, and wanted me to share the passion. It’s so fun, he would say. It’s so romantic he’d insist. I had never been camping, nor did I ever want to. I just didn’t get it. Why give up my soft bed for hard ground? I had been watching a lot of Dr. Phil lately though and on his relationship episode he said compromise was the key ingredient to a successful union. “Okay,” I said, looking at the equipment strewn across living room floor. “Let’s go camping!”

I booked us for next weekend!” Nick practically hollered. “We leave Saturday afternoon. Just you, me and the great outdoors!”

It was Saturday afternoon. I had put off getting ready for as long as I could but Nick was out getting groceries and wanted to leave as soon as he got back. So, with a sigh I retrieved the largest overnight bag I had and opened my closet door. Was there fashion etiquette in the camping world? Was ripped clothing bad or expected? Would my Lululemon hoodie be too pretentious? Would my gold flip flops be too ‘city’? Maybe people just went barefoot like cavemen.

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