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Hunger Moon

Troy Dennison

Cover image T. Dennison

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Troy Dennison

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This one is for my Uncle Sol who gave me my love for monsters.

There is a severed arm on top of the television set and I’m reasonably certain that it does not belong to me. For one thing it has a tribal style dragon tattoo coiling around it from the wrist up to the forearm and I have never had a tattoo in my life because I’m terrified of needles. I know that’s a terrible thing for a grown man to admit but I’ve been scared of them since a horrendous incident with a dentist when I was six years old. I also have a phobia about ducks – but that’s another story for another time.

The other reason that I’m fairly sure the arm isn’t one of mine is that both of my arms are firmly attached to my body and handcuffed to the large oak dinning room table that I usually eat Sunday lunch at. A rather large nail has been driven through the chain linking the cuffs together and I’m honestly not looking forward to attempting to repair the damage that it has caused to the antique table’s waxed surface. No amount of buffing is going to get that particular scar out; I fear that it may require professional attention and that will inevitably cost me a lot of money.

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