The Citizen Cannot Complain

Second Edition
Published by A.C.E. Unlimited, Distributed by Smashwords
Copyright 2015, 2017 Steven D. Miller

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Everyone can sense how dysfunctional America has become.

Everyone knows that America is in trouble, but few can explain why.

Do you complain about the destruction of the American dream? Most Americans like to blame corporations, politicians, government regulations, economy, high taxes, conspiracies, and crooked lawyers for their problems in life. They don't realize that their loss of liberty is a direct consequence of their own irresponsibility. Rights have responsibilities. Those who evade their responsibilities lose their rights.

Ignorant people are cunningly deceived into waiving their rights. Out of respect for what appears to be law, they become snared into waiving their God-given rights by legalities they don’t understand.

Actions speak louder than words. Once the citizen waives his rights, he has no right to complain. He must suffer the consequences of his actions. Once the citizen has been assimilated; resistance is futile, as was suggested by George Orwell. This book will show you how you assimilated.

Jurisprudence in most of the United States is founded upon Biblical history and Roman history as it evolved into English law. Throughout Biblical history and Roman history, pagan governments enslaved societies whenever they forgot their moral responsibilities. Only divine intervention liberated them. Abraham delivered them from Babylon. Moses delivered them from Pharaoh. Christ delivered us from Roman laws. But we returned to this vomit. Our greed has ensnared us back into the grip of Caesar. Roman laws have returned and are now the law of the land that dominates those who forfeit their rights. But this time around, the Lord your God will not free you from the government you have chosen.

The Bible warned us that ". . . you will cry out in that day because of the king you have chosen; and the Lord will not hear you in that day."

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