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The Seventh Day

Matt Barden

Published by Matt Barden at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Matt Barden

Although Mavilitty Brogbore was her real name, she was usually known as the Grand Old Dame. She lived in a shack; three rooms that had been crumpled together to form a rudimentary area for rest and sleep. To the back of the house was the kitchen, larger than the other rooms and with a wooden door set in the rear wall. The building itself was located on the edge of a broad savannah, devoid of any vegetation apart from a pale wiry grass that had bored Droffus on his journey to the shack. He was stood outside the house staring at the scarp rising up from the tableland; gawping in disbelief at the rockface disappearing into cloud far above him.

Mavilitty stood in her kitchen, hunched crone-like over a bench that had been stained by several centuries of spillages. She scribbled intently on a sheet of paper, crossing out the letters and numbers as quickly as she could write them. A speckled cat snuck around the table leg, pushing a spherical glass object with its paws. Mavilitty sauntered to the front door and pulled it open.

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