Chapter One

Get your mind set. Confidence will lead you.

That’s what the fortune cookie that had come with my Thai lunch had said. And yes, I knew that fortune cookie fortunes weren’t supposed to be real, and also that it didn’t make any sense for one to come with Thai food. But fortune cookies aren’t really Chinese. They were just made up in America and sold with Americanized Chinese food. So, if it didn’t make any sense that they should come with Thai food, but they did, anyway, then what was to say the fortunes couldn’t be real, even if they weren’t supposed to be?

Standing on the sidewalk outside the wide white stone arch and tall double doors of One If By Land, Two If By Sea, I tried to get my mind set. Waiting inside the restaurant—hopefully still waiting, since I was about ten minutes late—was a guy who was supposed to be “perfect” for me. Or so said my boss.

Trust me, he’s perfect for you.” Sophie had barely looked up from her phone as she’d texted him. She had a way of saying things that made her sound like the expert in whatever she was talking about, so I’d gone along with it.

Then she’d paused, squinted up at me and asked, “Maybe perfect? How do you feel about older guys?”

How did I feel about them? Sophie was married to a guy twice her age, and she seemed happy. If it was no big deal for her, why did it have to be a big deal for me?

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