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There are so many people who have helped me accomplish this book and who have continually provided me with immeasurable support, encouragement and strength. I want to thank, first and foremost, my family for their unyielding belief in me, their encouragement and strength that propelled me forward, even when I was becoming weary.

I also thank my editors for the endless hours they spent with me in getting this book ready for publication. The editing was no easy feat. Their dedication has been extraordinary.

And a very special thanks to Sara and Bill Q. for listening to my rants.

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to my friend and author, Fran Orenstein for her hours and hours of support, research and guidance and a very special thank you to my dear friend and author, David Michael for his unyielding ear. I also extend a very special thank you to Arlene for affirming some of the messages I received and for being a wonderful friend.

I extend a very special thanks to Fairfield Pinpoint, Editor of All Right Magazine; Author Yvonne Mason; Film Director J.L. Botelho; and Lesa Trapp, Host of The Odd Mind Magazine and Radio Show.

With immense humbleness and appreciation, I would like to also thank all of my readers, colleagues, fans and members of The Signs Network and The Mystical Divine (TMD) who have faithfully stuck by me in all of my writing endeavors and who continue to support and believe in me.

Introducing Deborah Simpson

Since early childhood, Deborah has experienced a heightened sense of the spirits surrounding her. Although she could not see them, she always felt their energy around her.

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