Oaths: Mandatory or Voluntary?

Second Edition

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Copyright 2015, 2017 Steven D. Miller

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Many people are deceived into thinking that Oaths are mandatory, yet the United States Supreme Court keeps ruling that forced oaths are abhorrent.

Americans hold the truth that all men are created equal. But an oath, like a salute, is only given to superiors. Swearing an oath is a confession that you are no longer equal.

Every encyclopedia and dictionary will tell you that oaths are always religious rituals invoking the authority of a deity. This book will identify the gods that you now worship.

Christ told Christians to not swear. Christians’ millennia-old struggle against Roman oppression is near an end. You surrendered when you raised your hand to surrender. You surrendered when you signed a perjury oath signature on a government form.

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Christ’s Command
Today's oaths still condemn
Your choice: moral values or forced state values
Oath of allegiance.
Affirmation . . . Neither by any other oath
Salute oaths
Worship oaths
Oaths are abhorrent to Americans
Idol worship
Oaths in the Magna Carta
Subordination to graven images
Historical objections to swearing oaths
Oath history as we came out of the dark ages
Oaths are only taken to superiors
Rules of evidence require witness oath
Oaths are still administered
Your superiors
Oaths without oaths -- Part 1, accepting benefits
Oaths without oaths -- Part 2, assumed allegiance
Oaths without oaths -- Part 3, presumed contracts
Final Exam
APPENDIX A Quote from Supreme Court’s Ullmann v. United States, 350 U.S. 422.
APPENDIX B Tertullian quote
APPENDIX C Webster’s 1828 Definitions of Oath and Swear
APPENDIX D Bouvier’s 1856 Law Dictionary Definitions of Oath and Swear
APPENDIX E Exhibit: Black’s 1891 Law Dictionary Definitions of Oath and Swear
APPENDIX F Exhibit: Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 Articles on Oath and Swearing
APPENDIX G Link to Slate Article
APPENDIX H American civil law is Roman law
APPENDIX I Tolstoy on Oaths

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