How to be a Successful Election Candidate

Rupert Matthews

What Elected Politicians are saying about Rupert Matthews

"Rupert Matthews is an experienced and long standing campaigner who has put in many years of work for the Conservative Party." - Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, British Cabinet Minister under Prime Minister David Cameron.

"Rupert was an impressively energetic candidate who undeniably worked very hard against a very difficult background." - Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP, British Cabinet Minister under Prime Minister John Major.

"Nobody will persuade me not to believe in Rupert's big talent - a very clever campaigner. Essentially, he is whatever any promising conservative politician should be." - Gianluigi Premazzi, Movimento Libero (Italy)

Rupert Matthews is a former staffer at the Conservative Party in the UK, who has acted as a freelance campaign manager on parliamentary by elections. He has stood himself as a candidate at Council, Parliamentary and European elections. He is recognised by friends and foes alike as one of the most dynamic and innovative political campaign managers in the business.

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