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An original new approach to healthcare in America

How to get universal healthcare and save 200 billion dollars in the process


President Kennedy, in his inaugural address, uttered what has got to be one of the most quoted and famous lines ever spoken. You know the one I’m talking about, he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Liberals love that line and I have to confess I love it too, and I’m a conservative. My problem is I’m not sure many people know what he was talking about, at least that’s the way it feels to me, we like the way it sounds but most of us don’t live it. As near as I can tell, a lot of us think it means that we should all go to work for the government and collect a nice salary along with a terrific benefits package but I’m pretty sure that’s not what President Kennedy meant. This isn’t easy to say because I know I’m probably going to lose a lot of you right off the bat and that’s not what I want to do but a lot of those jobs are unnecessary and they cost the taxpayers a fortune. That’s not public service, that is taking advantage of the public and it’s definitely not what President Kennedy meant when he spoke those words fifty years ago. I think what Kennedy meant was that we should strive for personal independence, to try and to be truly grateful that we were born in this terrific country and that by taking care of ourselves we do our country a great service. Yes, he also meant that we should help our fellow citizens when they need it but those same citizens owe us something too. They owe it to all of us to do their best to take care of themselves. We owe that to each other, each of us and all of us. This country doesn’t owe me, you, or anyone else, a living, free healthcare, education or housing, it owes us what the Constitution promises to all of us, the right to pursue our dreams without worrying that we will be discriminated against by others or harmed by the government. The Constitution is very clear about that point, it specifically lists all the things the government is allowed to do and prohibits it from doing anything else. For our Founders to take the time to actually draft a list of specifically allowed powers proves just how limited they wanted the government to be, if that wasn’t the case they would have clearly granted the Congress a general legislative power with no limits. Today we seem to think nothing of ignoring all the hard work that went into forming this country and now our lack of attention to our own history and laws could very well be our undoing. Our country owes us equal opportunity, not equal results. Equal results would be terrific but it’s not an achievable goal, we all have different abilities, different desires, different paths we want to follow so in the end I’m not so sure equal results is even a desirable goal. I can only imagine what life would be like if that were the case, my own life has been touched in one way or another by people from every walk of life and people from all economic levels, I suspect everyone reading this could say the same thing. I think as Americans we like the fact that the country is home to a wide variety of people, it makes for a very interesting place to live. And I know you’re probably wondering how all this relates to healthcare but it does and I’ll explain just how as we go along, I promise.

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