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Vanessa Canevaro

Copyright 2007 by Vanessa Canevaro

Smashwords Edition


Marcy May was the richest girl in the world. She had all the best toys. She had all the best clothes. She even had her very own butler. Marcy May had everything.

Marcy May was also the rudest girl in the world. She never said, “Please.” She never said, “Thank you.” She always yelled, “I WANT MORE!”

On her 7th birthday she invited everyone in town to a huge party. Of course everyone was expected to bring a present.

Robbie Baker was invited to Marcy May’s 7th birthday bash. He thought and thought, but couldn’t think of a gift to buy the girl who had everything.

“What do you want for your birthday?” he asked Marcy May.

“I WANT A DRAGON!” she yelled.

“A dragon,” Robbie said, “Where in the world am I going to find a dragon?”

Marcy May smiled and yelled again, “I WANT A DRAGON!” then stomped her feet and jumped into her limousine.

Robbie walked down the street. He went into old Mr. McGuire’s store.

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