Endorsements for Michelle Casto aka Bright Michelle

"Want help discovering your Destiny? I recommend Michelle Casto to help you dig deeper into who you are and let go of your story of what's been holding you back. She is one of the most empowering Spiritual Coaches on the planet." --- Elizabeth Grant, Songwriter and Spiritual Mentor

"Michelle Casto is truly enlightened and has the profound benefit of being tapped into the Divine for her messages and her insight." --- LeeAnn Taylor, Actress and Author of The Fragile Face of God

"I went through several notebooks this morning - one I made in our work together back in 2002. Can you believe it? 9 years ago!!! Your bright path was clearly evident then and you just keep getting brighter and brighter :) Thank you for illuminating the path for us all Michelle. You are such an example of how when we step fully, completely, radiantly and clearly into our power the heavens open and VA VA VOOM what a glorious sight!" --- Susan Parsons, Singer Writer, & Current Client

Discover Your Destiny & Love Your Life

Michelle L. Casto

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