Language Lessons © 2011 Jay Bell / Andreas Bell

ISBN: 9781458090188


Language Lessons

by Jay Bell


Clothes make the man. Whoever didn’t believe that simply wasn’t dressing right.

Joey smirked at this thought as he traded his navy blue dress shirt for one that was pink and hugged his waist a bit tighter. His fingers nimbly took care of the buttons as he considered how even a different shirt could make him feel like a new person.

He had first discovered this phenomenon as a child while playing dress-up in his father’s clothes. To Joey, it was as if he had stolen the crown from the king, the lightning bolt from Zeus. Dressed in an ill-fitting suit jacket with sleeves twice as long as his arm, he had felt transformed into a powerful grownup. This discovery had stripped away his father’s mystique somewhat, but the lesson had been worth the shattered illusion. As soon as Joey was old enough to escape the primary-colored nightmare that was children’s fashion, he had taken to wearing slacks, ties, and sometimes even suits.

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