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There’s a Man in My House

It was a dark and stormy night, here, in Pleasant Grove. I was home alone, watching T.V. The rain was pounding heavily on the roof. I stared out the window as it drizzled down. I was tired of watching T.V. But, I had nothing else to do. Finally, I decided to turn it off and go do some homework. My homework wasn't due for a week but, to make time pass by faster, I decided to do it.

As I sat at the kitchen table, I pulled my school books out of my back pack, opening the first one, calculus. Joy. I pulled a piece of paper out and began the lesson.

My heart thudded when I heard a loud vibrating sound coming from behind me. I quickly turned around. It was coming from on top of the coffee table in the living room that is connected to our kitchen. I grabbed my chest, deeply breathing in and out as I tried to slow the pounding of my heart.

I walked over into the living room and grabbed my cell phone from the coffee table. It was my best friend, Stacy. I flipped the phone open to discover a text message. The message read, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!”. The message had little bats and ghost flying around my screen. I closed my phone, as I set it down on the coffee table, it buzzed again. I quickly picked it up, another text message from Stacy. I flipped the phone open, and the text opened itself. It read, “You better watch out you're next.” Blood oozed from the screen trying to make the message seem more terrifying. I rolled my eyes.

I put my phone down, walked to the table and sat down. I started really getting into my homework. Time passed by slowly, the rain just got harder. The fridge in the kitchen made a sound and I glanced up. Something out the window caught my eye. Looking out the window; I saw a figure run passed it. My heart began to beat heavily again. I looked over to our front door hoping that I had remembered to lock it. I began to sweat when I realized it was unlocked, completely free for an intruder to come inside for me to meet my fate. I had to find some way of getting to the door before they did. I had to be sneaky and quiet. I didn't want them to see me. I got on my hands and knees, slowly, I crept towards the door. I felt the heart beat in my chest get louder and louder. The veins in my head began to pulse. Soon, it got loud enough that I could not hear anything else. Sweat began to drizzle down my face, dripping off my chin and nose, splashing on the floor beneath me. I kept saying over and over in my mind, Please, please not me. It's too soon. Please, only a little closer.

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