Philomela Nightingale and her employee, Janice McGill, take the trip of a lifetime--around the world. They fly to amazing places, stay in lovely hotels, meet fascinating people, and experience different cultures. To their horror they also become involved with kidnapping and murder. Will Philomela’s observational powers and intuition enable her to help the police solve these puzzling mysteries or has she finally bitten off more than she can handle?


In Odd Odyssey by Benni Chisholm, Philomena Nightingale runs a monthly magazine. She and her employee Janice take a trip around the world, a month-long adventure. Unbeknownst to them, Janice has been targeted by people who want to kidnap her and force her wealthy father to ransom her. They send a guy on the trip with Philomena and Janice, and he tries time after time to hijack her, coming up with excuses for his odd behavior when the attempts fail. But sooner or later, he’s bound to succeed. Isn’t he? The book is a fun read, a cozy mystery. Odd Odyssey has an unusual storyline and an author whose voice is fresh and unique. ~ Taylor Jones, Reviewer

Odd Odyssey by Benni Chisholm is a mystery/adventure that defies genre classification. Janice McGill and her employer Philomena Nightingale work for a magazine The Integrator in Calgary, Canada. Philomena and Janice decide to take a month-long around-the-world cruise, just as Janice becomes the target of a group of bumbling kidnappers. Undaunted, our intrepid villains send their man on the tour. He’s supposed to get Janice alone, in what she is supposed to think is a romantic escape, while his cohorts back home collect the ransom money. But things don’t go quite the way anyone expects, resulting in a very odd odyssey indeed. Chisholm has a nice way with a story. Her voice is fresh and unique, her characters fun, realistic, and charming, and her plot is strong with plenty of twists and turns. A clever and fun mystery/adventure. ~ Regan Murphy, Reviewer

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