Zachary Zombie and the Lost Boy

Stories for Demented Children

John H. Carroll

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Copyright 2013 John H. Carroll

Cover image Copyright 2011 John H. Carroll

I dedicate this story to brains: the forgotten victims in all zombie tales.

This story is written for children who giggle madly while ripping the heads off of Barbie dolls.

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About the Author


Tobias was determined to catch the emo bunny. He’d always wanted an emo bunny. They were soft, cuddly and always needed extra hugs because they were so sad.

He wasn’t supposed to be in the forest, but there were so many interesting creatures that he could see from his backyard: deer, wolves, fairies, porcupines, ghosts just to name a few. Tobias’s father was a ranger who lived on the edge of the village. The creatures of the forest were respectful to the family, but it still wasn’t safe for a boy to wander off alone.

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