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Myrna Petersen


Ideation Entertainment Publisher

Puppet Strings - The Campaigners is an original screenplay registered with WGC. It has been reformatted to fit e-reader apps.


A political gamen revealing an extraordinary inside look at high stake campaigns and how the ‘backroom boys,’ known as Kingpins, manipulate campaign workers as if they are their puppets.


Puppet Strings - The Campaigners is about the cabals, smoke-filled backrooms and how dark horses are chosen. Elections have never been about Leaders but about the Campaign Kingpins and their greed for money, ego and power.

Meet geek, Jade Reynolds, on the verge of a breakdown after losing his kids and financial security in a bitter divorce settlement. In a new city and desperate for child custody, Jade lands a short-term contract with Shaker’s Profile. His journey begins when Shakers heads-up Public Relations in a national election and Jade is summoned to be a mole.

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