Praise for Taken Liberty:

"Steve Wilson delivers some dazzling writing here, juggling vivid and quietly observant, violent and sweet all at the same time... as if he's channeling Harlan Ellison, and Ellison ain't even dead!" — Best-selling author Howard Weinstein

“The author of the Arbiter Chronicles, an award-winning audio drama, vividly brings to life a cast of compelling characters while telling a story that measures the cost of freedom. The far-future military setting should appeal to fans of David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” series as well as the military sf of David Drake.” — Library Journal

Taken Liberty

Copyright 2005 Steven H. Wilson

Published by Firebringer Press at Smashwords

This book is available in print at most online retailers.

The Arbiter Chronicles is a Trademark of Steven H. Wilson

Cover photo by Renée D. Wilson

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