I could not believe my eyes. Jeff was with that dead bitch.

Okay, I suppose the correct term is undead since she’s a vampire. But, I preferred dead bitch. The blood-sucking leech had been a real pain in my neck for a while now. She really seemed to enjoy controlling my life and telling me what to do, pushing my buttons and getting me all fired up.

But this? This was beneath even her, or so I thought before I showed up to Dante’s soirée to find her draped all over my boyfriend. Uhm, I guess technically he’s my ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him a couple days ago. It was for his own good.

See, here’s the thing. I recently discovered my family has magical roots. How did I discover that? Well, I had one intense humdinger of an orgasm and almost burned down my house. Well, not almost. I scorched it pretty good. It wasn’t a total loss, but it’s no longer livable.

I came into my powers pretty late. Prior to that, no one had ever bothered to tell me I might be a witch. Then I get all hot and fiery that one night and burn down my house. A couple days later two women show up at my door, technically my mom’s door since I had to stay with her after torching my place, to tell me they were my trainers.

One was Camille, my mother’s best friend. Yes, both Camille and my mom are witches. Would have been nice if someone could’ve told me sooner and prepared me for such craziness. The other was Deirdre, the blood sucking leech of a drop dead gorgeous vampire bitch, the same fanged bitch currently running her fingers through my boy…through Jeff’s dark, silky hair.

Anyway, for the past couple months, Camille and Deirdre have been training me, showing me how to channel and control my magic, using the energy in positive ways. You know, ways which don’t involve burning down houses.

I broke up with Jeff because he’s human. From what I was learning, that meant he was going to end up getting hurt in my world. The world I still didn’t know much about except it was dangerous. Yeah, so dangerous the boobalicious bitch Deirdre could drag him to this soirée and fondle him in public. Oh my god, was his hand on her ass?

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