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About the Author

Let me introduce the speaker/author Jeff Dawson. Mr. Dawson attended Oklahoma State University majoring in construction management. He has been in this profession for the last twenty-five years. He married in 1983. Three children came from the marriage: Justin, Savanna and Shawn. Like so many today, the marriage ended in divorce and started what appeared to be an unending downward spiral. Failed business ventures and tragedy at every corner. He lost his partner, father, and fiancé to different strands of cancer. Believing that life could only go up after the loss of his fiancé, more grief was on the horizon.

He was fired from his job one week before he was scheduled for major back surgery. His spirits, unbelievably, were not dashed. The surgery was a success and then came the healing process. He felt he did not need any help and could ride out the recovery on his own. Not the case. Because of the many wonderful friendships nurtured through the years, he was able to stay with two couples during the recovery process - two months.

During the recovery process he came across an article dealing with a company that promoted professional speakers, and the idea hit him. “I can do this. But what to write?”

Upon healing enough to return to his room, he sat down, looked at a blank piece of paper and started tracking his life. The end result is this speech and manuscript. The initial idea was to provide healing and insight for the many twists and turns his life had taken. In the end, he realizes after many proof readings from friends and family that there are many others out there who would benefit from all of these experiences. Many people have said they could relate to the tragedies encountered but didn't have the courage to confront them much less write them down on paper. The speech helped them with their healing process and let them know that no matter how difficult times become, we are being watched over and guided through this process we call life. And in the end, there really is a master plan for each us.

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