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By: Formerly AnEscort

SmashWords Edition

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This is a collection of contacts through my now- defunct escort websites and responses to my now off-line ads.

I have substituted personal names with randomly generated names, and any references to my escort name with “Jane”. Specific small towns replaced with “Small Town”, and the city I was located in at that time with “Your City” or similar -- with the “Nearby Big City” (and similarly worded) being between a 3-5 hour drive away. Other information that might be personally identifiable has also been removed. Otherwise, these emails are unedited down to the original typos and grammar mistakes.

I also want to note that not all of these men did I end up meeting. I am including almost every “first” email I received, no matter how mundane or short, because I believe that these seemingly insignificant emails help shape the bigger picture.

If you recognize yourself, or think you recognize me, in any of these notes, then it’s purely coincidental and you’re probably wrong.

If you’ve ever wanted to snoop through an escort’s personal email and see what kind of men contact and see escorts, I hope that this book leaves your interest even more piqued... I hope you enjoy reading this!

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