Tyne O’Connell is a bestselling British author. Her 13 novels have been published to great acclaim by Headline UK, Bloomsbury USA & other international publishing houses. Her books include the bestsellers, What’s A Girl To Do? And the Pulling Princes teen series.

Born into an Irish Catholic family, daughter of a retired spy, her favourite chore as a child was collecting eggs from the hens for sixpence. She began telling teachers & family she would be an author from age eight. Her first bestselling book was Sex, Lies & Litigation, pub1996 Headline Review.

She’s spent most of her life in Mayfair where she brought up two husbands & three children. The area is at the heart of many of her books. She writes about all things Mayfair: The Restoration, Bluestocking Salons, Roman Catholics, spies, eccentrics, royals & fashion for mayfaireccentrics.com, dandizettes.com and elsewhere. Visit her at www.tyneoconnell.com & follow her on Twitter @tyneoconnell

O'Connell was educated by elderly Flemish Sacre-Coeur nuns (born in the 1870-80's) with the expectation that she would marry a diplomat. It was an unusual Victorian style upbringing & by 17, she was accomplished in Le Cordon Blue, Croquet, Semaphore, Literature, Latin, Needlepoint, Flower Arrangement, Diamond Valuation, Deportment, Millinery & Embassy Dinner Seating. After school she returned to London in a smart tweed suit perfectly prepared for a world that hadn't existed for decades.

Her extraordinary life has been featured in TV documentaries & feature-spreads in Vogue UK, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and most UK broadsheets. Cassandra Jardine in The Daily Telegraph UK, hailed Tyne as "A modern day Elinor Glyn - the original It Girl”. ELLE UK described her as “The Impossibly glamorous Tyne O’Connell.”

In 2004, Tyne began writing her bestselling fictional teen-series, Pulling Princes, BloomsburyUSA. Based on her three children’s & her own experiences at single-sex boarding school; set near Windsor Castle in a fictional, exclusive all-girls boarding school close to Princes William & Harry’s alma mater, Eton College. Narrated by an ordinary American teen, Calypso, as she navigates the Terrible Toffs & Horrible Hon.s’ & opens the lid on the antics of royal teens. The books have been described as modern classics, an "up to date version of Angela Brazil's boarding school books of the early 1900's." www.calypsochronicles.com

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