Lorin Robert Mangum

A Life History

Born: 25 August 1906

Died: 8 August 1991

Life story, in his own words as related to his Grandson, Mark Mangum, on October 25, 1987 at the age of 81.

eBook by Matthew Mangum

This book is dedicated to my father, Gene Mangum, who has done so much for me. This record was transcribed from audio cassette tapes. Every effort was made to use Grandpa’s own words, but in some places they were inaudible and I did the best I could. Much of the spelling, especially on names and places was my best guess, so don’t rely on it for genealogical purposes. Some of the facts and dates seem to conflict, probably due to Grandpa’s memory not being totally accurate. This isn’t all of the history that is available, but I hope it brings back some special memories to my father, of his own father. I LOVE YOU DAD!

Mark Mangum

The digital copy of this book is being edited and published with permission by Matthew Mangum

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

Copies of this book may be distributed for family members.

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