A big thank you to my beta readers, Rachel Berens-VanHeest, Bobbi Dumas, Corrina and Erin Lawson, and Jill Purinton.


Dana Miller counted through the pile of bills in her wallet, sorting pinks from blues from oranges, trying to decide how many of them could be used for lunch.

No matter what, she wouldn’t touch the credit cards. With the specter of unemployment looming at the end of the vacation, she’d learned not to live in the moment. There were two more days before she caught the train for Switzerland. The pathetically small amount of money she’d allotted for this portion of the trip had been stretched to its limit. Hotels and pensions had been downscaled to hostels. Lunch had become the big meal of the day. And the little country of Seravano had become a much longer stop than she’d planned.

But Let’s Go Europe assured her that it was A charming place: peaceful and picturesque, with its colorful people and herds of spotted goats.

As far as she could see, that was shorthand for: Not a whole lot going on. But it was pretty, it was cheap, and best of all, it wasn’t home.

Dana glanced at the carefully lettered items on the folded card in front of her. The menu was nearly unintelligible. Judging by the few words of Seravish she knew, it was divided into chicken, beef, and something else.

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