I’m Watching You

By Carly Blossom

Copyright Carly Blossom 2015

Published at Smashwords

I first came across Lea at the local public library. She was a tall, angular, brainy-looking high school beauty with a somewhat shy, swanlike demeanor, and a turned-up, cum-shot-target nose. Her torso was adorned with a nice, firm set of small, pert, egg-sized tits. The black, loosely knit sweater she wore was translucent, and I had no difficulty spying her flat, creamy stomach or the jiggle inside her lacy, teenage bra. She was using one of the internet computers, and her school ID was sitting on the librarian's desk. I noticed it there and wandered over for a closer look. Rattling off a bogus question to the librarian, I stole a glimpse downward:

Lea MacKenzie .. 3/14/83 .. 24001 Rockington Court

All the information a PREDATOR needs, everything but her fucking phone number. She was a eighteen-year-old cock teasing cunt, and she would make quite a delicious kill. Committing the ID's information to memory, I quickly excused myself from the desk and jotted down the info. Unbeknownst to Lea Mackenzie of 24001 Rockington Court, the end of her sheltered, pampered, suburban cunt existence had just ended.

I doubt she even noticed me amid the denizens at the library that day. Cunts like Lea Mackenzie never do notice us "average guys." That's what makes the reign of terror so ironic, and so enjoyable. A cunt will wrack her tiny, troubled brain trying to visualize the human monster responsible for her living nightmare.

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